WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Since the November election 361 bills have been proposed by state legislatures around the county that restrict voting in some way, said the Brennan Center for Justice, which has been tracking these measures.

From Georgia to Texas, hundreds of laws in 47 states have been proposed to restrict voting.

“One of our most sacred rights in this country is the right to vote,” said North Carolina Democrat GK Butterfield.

“Many of these bills continue to disproportionately impact voters of color,” said Marcia Johnson-Blanco, the co-director of the Voting Rights Project.

On Thursday, a House committee heard from witnesses who say some of the bills would limit mail and absentee voting or make it harder to register to vote. Some bill stop volunteers from giving water to voters waiting in lines at polling locations.

Democrats like Butterfield say their For The People Act would protect voter rights.

“It is out duty as elected members of Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution and to protect the rights of every single voter,” he said.

But Wisconsin Republican Bryan Steil said that bill was rushed and passed in the House with no input from the GOP.

“No ability to learn our lessons what happened in the 2020 elections,” Steil said.

The GOP also disagrees with the specifics of the bill, saying, for example, it would gut voter ID laws.

“This bill would allow an individual to vote by simply signing a sworn statement, that’s it,” Steil said.

Republican lawmakers also argue states are suppose to control their own election laws, and they say the Democrats bill would federalize election laws — which is why the bill will almost certainly fail in the Senate.