(WTRF) West Virginia is known for a lot of things, and now we claim the title as Sleepiest State in the U.S., according to a study conducted by CBD site CBDfx, The study analyzed data issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

These sources considered insufficient sleep, the ratio of mental health providers to people, reported poor mental health days per month, frequent mental distress for 14 or more out of 30 days, average working hours per month and rate of depression per state to get each rating.

The CDC calculated this by looking at rates of depression in adults and then giving each state a depression severity score between 0.0 to 2.5.

Each state was given an overall rank of 1-50, the lower the number, the sleepier the state.

West Virginia is considered the sleepiest state. 43% of West Virginians are getting less than seven hours of sleep per night and reported an average of 6.6 days out of 30 to be poor mental health days.

Alabama ranks second for the sleepiest state with 40% of people reporting insufficient sleep. They also have the lowest number of mental health providers per person, one for every 850 people.

Kentucky takes third for 42% of people getting less than 7 hours of sleep and has a depression severity score of 1.57. This is the sixth-highest rate of depression per state along with Oregon.

Mississippi not only takes fourth place for the sleepiest state, but also has the highest depression severity score throughout the entire United States at 1.74.

Coming in fifth place is Tennessee where 41% of residents get less than seven hours of sleep, this could be due to the state having 117 hours in an average working month, 10 hours more than the national average.

Nevada comes in sixth place with 37% of people getting less than seven hours of sleep per night.

Arkansas also sees 37% of people getting insufficient sleep and has the fourth-highest score per state at 123.7 hours bringing the state to seventh place.

The eighth sleepiest state is Georgia, with 38% getting insufficient sleep and the mean rate of depression is 1.5.

Arizona takes ninth place for sleepiest, with 35% of residents getting less than seven hours of sleep and also has the fourth lowest number of mental health providers per registered population, which comes out to one for every 660 people.

The tenth place goes to Louisiana. Not only are 38% of residents getting less than seven hours of sleep per night, but 19% of adults reported poor mental health days, the second highest score.

The study also shows which states are getting the most sleep.

Massachusetts, Colorado, Vermont, and South Dakota are among the states getting the most sleep. They also report better mental health and work fewer hours per month.