W.Va. (WTRF)- Every state has its misconceptions and quirks, but there are few states that are as misunderstood as West Virginia.

From being its own state to the condiments we use, West Virginians find themselves having to explain to newcomers the traditions we hold dear. Motovo has compiled a list of their favorite quirks about wild, wonderful West Virginia.

  • West Virginia is in fact completely separate from Virginia. A common mistake among those who don’t hail from the Mountain State, West Virginia was added to the union on June 20, 1863.
  • It doesn’t matter what team you root for outside of West Virginia, here, you are a Mountaineers and/or Thundering Herd fan.
  • Coleslaw is most often thought of as a side dish. Not in West Virginia, here it goes right on the hot dog, and don’t forget the sauce.
  • If you’re not from West Virginia, don’t refer to West Virginians as hillbillies. You may hear West Virginians call themselves or their in-state friends a hillbilly, but if you’re from out-of-state, use the term Mountaineers.
  • Hunting season is the only season that matters in West Virginia. You will be scarce to find a hunter outside of the woods on the opening day of deer season.
  • Ramps, or wild onions, are a delicacy. Whether mixed with butter, or straight from the ground this West Virginia favorite is a staple in most households.
  • Catching lightning bugs is a childhood favorite. Many summer nights are spent chasing lightning bugs to put in mason jars for a homemade night light.

These are just seven of the many quirks West Virginians find themselves explaining to out-of-towners, the list goes on.