A tip about a possible jail break at the Southern Regional Jail in Raleigh County has led to eight inmates being charged.  The initial tip came in on Nov. 15, 2018.  The break out was planned for the Thanksgiving weekend.

The tip was verified by the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office and investigated by West Virginia State Troopers.  Trooper J.D. Dowdy and Sr. Trooper S.G. Milam found an 18-inch hole in one of the cells.  It allowed prisoners into a prohibited area of the jail.

The initial call came to Raleigh County from Greenbrier County Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Via.  According to Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller, the following inmates are being charged with felony conspiracy and attempted escape:

  • Jonathan Felts
  • Marcus Hannah
  • Charles Stanley
  • Danny Malone
  • Harry Culotta
  • Thomas Dunbar
  • Derek Walls
  • Jason Roberts

Thomas Dunbar is being held on a murder charge from Greenbrier County in connection with the death of Shaela Abren.  He was arrested in January 2018.

Danny Malone was being held on drug charges from Wyoming County.  He was arrested in July 2018.