BRAXTON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A high school student is being hailed as ‘a true hero’ by a fire department after he saved the life of a neighbor, whose house went up in flames Monday morning.

According to a Facebook post from the Flatwoods Community Volunteer Fire Department, a fire was reported just before 7 p.m. on Bens Run Road near Newville near Sutton Lake.

The home turned out to be a total loss in the fire, according to firefighters. After returning to the fire station, crews learned that a 17-year-old neighbor next to the home saw the fire taking place.

Knowing his neighbor had some issues with mobility, he went to the home, grabbed his neighbor and carried him out and away from the home.

Flatwoods Community Volunteer Fire Department

The 17-year-old man, identified as Tyler Baldwin, did sustain minor injuries from the incident but was treated by Braxton EMS. He attends high school at Braxton County High School. Fire crews are calling him “a true hero” for his actions this morning.

In addition, Tyler’s 14-year-old brother, Logan also helped Tyler and found the man’s dog! (Tyler and Logan are pictured below from left to right, courtesy of family members).

Tyler says that he did what anyone would do in that situation, that he doesn’t deserve recognition and is just glad his neighbor is okay! After helping their neighbor, the duo headed off to school this morning!

Way to go Tyler and Logan!

Flatwoods Community Volunteer Fire Department