(WTRF) – Many people are hunting for Christmas shopping deals behind the computer screens, but AARP is sharing a warning to help consumers look out for holiday scams.

A recent AARP study found scams may be on the upswing soon and if you aren’t careful you could be the next victim after one purchase.

The tricky part is scammers attack from different directions; whether it’s through social media, texts, or emails.

However, you can protect yourself.

If you’ve come across a charity asking you to give money but you think it might be suspicious, experts say to make sure it’s legit. They say charitynavigator.com can help you look into it. Scammers could also get your from ads on social media.

You might also get unfamiliar texts or emails asking you to confirm your shipping purchase, but really its fraud.

So, experts say think before you click.

It’s just a matter of being vigilant, being careful, not being too quick to click on something. We have to be very careful, and we have to look out for our loved ones as well and make sure they’re aware of these potential scams out there.

William Ihlenfeld, US attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia

You’re also encouraged to pay with a credit card. Never pay with a gift card because chances are that’s another scam. Experts also say debit cards have less built-in protections than credit cards.

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a scam, the AARP says call a free helpline at (877) 908-3360.