PHILIPPI, W.Va. (WBOY) — Alderson Broaddus University’s authorization to award degrees in West Virginia was revoked by the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) on Monday during an emergency meeting.

The vote was unanimous, according to a press release from the HEPC, and AB’s authorization to confer degrees in the state will be revoked effective Dec. 31, 2023.

Alderson Broaddus will not be permitted to enroll new students beginning with the Fall 2023 semester, but seniors scheduled to graduate at the end of the fall term may return to complete their degrees on schedule, the HEPC release said.

The HEPC said in its release that the decision was due to Alderson Broaddus’s financial condition, saying it determined it “renders the institution unable to create a stable, effective, and safe learning environment for its students.”

West Virginia Chancellor of Higher Education Dr. Sarah Armstrong Tucker was authorized during the vote to enter an order directing the steps Alderson Broaddus must take to wind down its operations, which includes:

  • Not accepting, admitting or enrolling new students beginning with the Fall 2023 semester;
  • Not returning any current students to campus for the Fall 2023 semester, except for seniors scheduled to graduate at the end of the semester who wish to return to complete their degrees;
  • Developing and executing appropriate plans related to the online teach-out and/or transfer of currently enrolled students;
  • Immediately ending all athletic and extracurricular activities;
  • Notifying all currently enrolled students of this loss of authorization and a detailed explanation of how this action directly affects them, what support services are being provided to them, and what actions they must take to obtain transcripts to transfer to another institution or complete graduation requirements at the University;
  • Making advisors accessible and posting those hours to meet with all currently enrolled students, either virtually or in person, to advise them of options to transfer to other institutions of higher education;
  • Providing transcripts and financial aid records and/or assistance to students;
  • Distributing degrees and certificates to students who have completed program requirements;
  • Reimbursement to students, except those seniors who return for the Fall 2023 semester to complete their programs of study, of any payments that have been made for tuition and fees for the Fall 2023 semester; and
  • Any other necessary and appropriate student services as specified by the Chancellor.

The university has the right to appeal the Commission’s decision by submitting a written notice within 10 days.

The HEPC shared the following phone numbers for Alderson Broaddus University students to call with questions:

  • For questions of Alderson Broaddus University: 800-263-1549
  • If interested in transferring to West Virginia Wesleyan College: 304-473-8510
  • If interested in transferring to Davis & Elkins College: 304-637-1429