CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—According to the West Virginia State Auditor’s office, all 60,000+ West Virginia state employees will get paid on Friday, December 31 in the wake of a ransomware attack that took the state’s payroll accounting system offline.

Kallie Cart in the State Auditor’s office told 13 News that payroll administrators went to “extraordinary lengths” during Christmas week to ensure that employees would be paid.

State Auditor JB McCuskey says every employee needs to double-check their paystub.

“You go to Oasis and you log into my apps and every employee that uses Kronos has a ‘MyApps.’ You click on the green ESS button on the middle of the screen when that comes up you click on the compensation button with the dollar sign and then you download your paystub,” said McCuskey.

He also says the recent cyber attack will not allow anyone access to your personal information.

“Kronos uses a unique identifier for every employee that is not their social security number and its not their birth date so when their Kronos gets entered into the auditors office’s site, that’s when it gets turned into an identifiable pay stub so the ransomware attack does not effect anyone’s personal information so people can be very confident in knowing this wasn’t a data breach as well.”

JB McCuskey, WV Auditor

Right now it’s unclear when employees will have access to Kronos again. “We believe that at least one more payroll will be effected. With Kronos the information from them is coming at a trickle, I would prefer it to be coming like a fire hose but we believe it will be at least one more payroll but my guess it will be two,” said McCuskey.

In mid-December, a cybersecurity threat disrupted the payroll administration system, Kronos Private Cloud, for all state employees.