CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia is now among several states offering incentives to encourage those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated.

Many states including West Virginia and Ohio are offering incentives like a million dollars, college scholarships, and free guns. Some residents of Mason County told 13 News Reporter Haley Kosik they think these prizes are unnecessary.

“I hate to use the word bribe, but I feel like they’re trying to, ‘oh well if you do this, we’ll give you this’, you know, and some people just can’t resist that,” said Point Pleasant resident Brittany Sayre.

Last night Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the two latest winners of the state’s Vax-A-Million drawing, Jonothan Carlyle won $1 million and Zoie Vincent won a full-ride scholarship to any in-state school.

“Any family members who have decided to get vaccinated?” DeWine asked Vincent.

“Yeah, I haven’t really had anyone say they want to get vaccinated as a result of this. My family wants to in general,” Vincent answered the governor.

In West Virginia, Governor Jim Justice is asking residents to get vaccinated for Babydog, but Brittany Sayre can’t get vaccinated because she had COVID-19 in March and has to wait 90 days for the vaccine.

“They still can’t get it, they physically can’t either they have a medical problem, they’ve already had it, just a multitude of things, so how is that far to them?” Sayre said.

Some residents also told 13 News they think incentivizing a vaccine could actually turn people away from the idea.