UPDATE (5:26 p.m. on Thursday, April 6): The West Virginia State Police has commented on the allegations that minors were recorded on a hidden camera in the State Police Academy locker room.

“We are in receipt of the notice of intent to file suit. We have held the Junior Trooper Academy in years past. At the Governor’s direction, the Superintendent initiated an investigation into this matter regarding the video incident,” Major Jim Mitchell with the West Virginia State Police said.

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—An attorney representing the women who may have been videotaped in the West Virginia State Police Academy’s locker room says that minors may have also been filmed by a hidden camera.

Wheeling attorney Teresa Toriseva sent a Notice of Forthcoming Legal Action to WVSP on Wednesday.

In the letter, Toriseva says she represents three young women who attended West Virginia Junior Trooper programs at the academy while they were between the ages of 14 and 17. She says the young women regularly used the women’s locker room during the same time period that a camera or cameras were present.

In a press release, Toriseva said that she expects many more women to come forward in the future because “voyeurism is never a single incident.”

“The deeper the investigation goes, the more shocking the conduct,” said Toriseva. “All the women who came through the Academy during the time the camera or cameras were being operated hope they were not filmed. With the admitted destruction of evidence, the burden is now on the West Virginia State Police to prove these women were not filmed.”

An investigation into WVSP started after a five-page anonymous letter was sent to Governor Jim Justice (R-WV), Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and a host of state lawmakers.

The letter outlined alleged misconduct at the organization including sexual assaults, thefts, and damage to state-owned property in addition to a hidden camera in the women’s locker room.

In March, Toriseva announced that she would represent a group of female law enforcement officers who may have been videotaped dressing and undressing.