MORGANTOWN, WV (WOWK) — Bob Huggins’ daughter called the president and board of West Virginia University “backstabbers” and “cowards” Tuesday in a response to Huggins’ arrest and subsequent resignation as the university’s head men’s basketball coach.

Bob Huggins was arrested and charged with DUI in Pittsburgh Friday night, the Associated Press reported. A day later, Huggins announced his resignation in a statement to the West Virginia community. His resignation was accepted “in light of recent events.”

Huggins’ daughter, Jacque, told Gordon Gee, the President of West Virginia University, and its board to, “Be better and do better,” in a Facebook post. She said the University “chose to turn [their] backs” on Huggins instead of helping him.

She alleged that Bob Huggins told the board that he would go to rehab for 60 days so he could continue coaching the university’s basketball team. She said the board refused.

The criminal complaint for Huggins said there were empty beer cans in a white garbage bag in his vehicle, with another bag of empty metal beer bottles in the trunk. Jacque Huggins said this was because he collects the cans to recycle. She called the idea that he was drinking those beers while driving “absolutely absurd.”

The Associated Press said Huggins was previously arrested for drinking and driving in 2004 when he was the head coach at Cincinnati. He returned to work two months later. In May, Huggins agreed to a three-game suspension, a $1 million salary reduction and sensitivity training for using a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati talk radio show.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.