CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Another big battle is brewing over a constitutional amendment on the West Virginia ballot in November. The topic is the often volatile issue of educating our kids.

All voters in the state will get to vote on Amendment 4, known as the “Education Accountability Amendment.”

Right now, the State Board of Education has the authority to get input from teachers and administrators, and then set policies to be used in all public schools. But this amendment would give the Legislature power to change or even reject those education policies.

The sides are sharply divided.

“I am a supporter of Amendment 4. The reason for that is that it’s an opportunity to be able to provide the Legislature with the ability to have some accountability when it come to regulations that come from the State Board of Education,” said Del. Chris Pritt, (R) Kanawha.

“The best way is to vote no against this amendment. And continue to have the experts, the educators, have an input in the direction that public education is going to go,” said Dale Lee, President, West Virginia Education Association.

Up until now, Amendment 4 has gotten little attention. Political watchers say that’s because Amendment 2 has dominated the conversation with its potential to eliminate the state’s property tax on cars, which is one of the most unpopular taxes in West Virginia.