CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Blenko Glass Company holds a special part of West Virginia history, industry and art, and the company’s new Mountain Series is inspired by the beauty of the Mountain State.

Based in Milton, West Virginia since 1921, Blenko Glass Company is known for its handmade West Virginia art pieces and collector’s items. The company’s newest 2022 collection reflects the beauty of the Appalachian mountains with stunning natural colors and mountain-inspired shapes.

“I knew I wanted this year to be focused on Appalachia and West Virginia in particular,” said Blenko Glass Company’s Site Operations Director Bryson Cutler, who designed the Mountain Series.

“I’ve been here my whole life and seeing our area change and develop and grow has been really awesome to see. It mirrors a lot of what’s happening today at Blenko.”

The Mountain Series is made of three glass shapes in two different color gradients: Turquise to Cobalt and Olive to Cobalt.

The Turquise to Cobalt Moutain Series compared to the view from Spruce Knob

“From the tallest green peaks to the valley rivers below, the Mountain Series fade embodies our region and its stunning beauty,” said a Facebook post by the company. Culter said that the Olive to Coblat gradient reminds him of West Virginia’s rolling green hills and valley rivers.

The Olive and Cobalt Mountain Series compared to the colors of the New River Gorge

Culter said that the collection originally came from the shortest of the pieces; he wanted to create a glass piece that would work as a centerpiece but was also small enough to fit on a standard bookshelf. Production constraints caused the idea to be put on hold for almost a year. The idea resurfaced during discussions of the new 2022 collection.

Sketches of the series during development (Courtesy: Bryson Cutler)

The bowl and other pieces went through several rounds of revision which Culter said inspired a theme of change within the pieces. “The more I played around with the idea and drew through revisions, the more I saw the opportunity for a whole series of items embodying change and specifically, change over time. The Appalachian mountains changed over time.  West Virginia has changed over time. Blenko has changed over time.”

Alongside the Mountain Series, Blenko’s 2022 collection also features the Bridge Series, which is inspired by the New River Gorge Bridge and carries a similar theme of West Virginia’s culture and development.

“You’ll actually see that as a theme in many of the pieces that will be released this year. Both the Mountain Series and the Bridge series already focus on locality and West Virginian culture.”

This handcrafted rendition of the architectural wonder is 19 inches tall and produced in three different colors. You can see photos of it here.

If you want to purchase the Mountain Series from Blenko Glass, the whole series, in one of the two colors, will cost you $640. The Large Mountain Vase can be purchased on its own for $264; the Small Mountain Vase costs $219; and the Mountain Bowl can be purchased for $189. Click here to view on the Blenko Glass Company website.

Blenko Glass Company also offers tours of the glass factory. For more information, click here.