UPDATE (12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9): Fairness WV released a statement regarding Huggins’ use of a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati sports radio show.

Coach Bob Huggins embarrassed his team, his university and Mountaineers everywhere yesterday by casually using a homophobic slur and disparaging transgender people in a radio interview. It’s well known that this slur has been a tool to torment and harass our community. There is no excuse for using that kind of language in the year 2023.

Fairness WV

CINCINNATI (WOWK) — Bob Huggins, the West Virginia University head men’s basketball coach, used a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati sports radio show on Monday.

You can listen to the audio, posted by Awful Announcing on Twitter, by clicking here.

Bob Huggins released a statement through the WVU Men’s Basketball Twitter page.

Earlier today on a Cincinnati radio program, I was asked about the rivalry between my former employer, the University of Cincinnati, and its crosstown rival, Xavier University. During the conversation, I used a completely insentitive and abhorrent phrase that there is simply no excuse for — and I won’t try to make one here. I deeply apologize to the individuals I have offended, as well as to the Xavier University community, the University of Cincinnati and West Virginia University. As I have shared with my players over my 40 years of coaching, there are consequences for our words and actions, and I will fully accept any coming my way. I am ashamed and embarassed and heartbroken for those I have hurt. I must do better, and I will.

Bob Huggins, West Virginia University head men’s basketball coach

West Virginia University released the following statement:

Coach Huggins’ remarks today on a Cincinnati radio show were insensitive, offensive and do not represent our University values. Coach Huggins has since apologized. West Virginia University does not condone the use of such language and takes such actions very seriously. The situation is under review and will be addressed by the University and its athletics department.

West Virginia University

The audio is from 700WLW, a Cincinnati-based talk radio station.

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