HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Cabell County Courthouse will soon be undergoing renovations after officials there say the building has started seeing some wear and tear.

The Cabell County Commissioner’s Office is spearheading this project.

They say the project started because water was leaking into the courthouse due to old age and wear and tear on the building.

They say they first started looking for someone to survey the building a while ago, but just to move things along, they began the scaffolding, or staging, part of the project after hiring a contractor with BrandSafway.

As of Wednesday, they’re still surveying the building and the damage to get an idea of the cost.

They say they believe this will take months to complete once they start the renovations.

There is a scheduled commissioner’s office meeting on April 13 where they will be putting the project out for bid and discussing a plan for the layout of the project.