HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – It’s been nearly one month since 13-year-old Laney Hudson was hit and killed by Cabell County deputy Jeffrey Racer and Laney’s family is continuing to rally.

No information has been released on the cruiser’s black box detailing whether or not Racer was speeding when the accident happened, and the family of Laney say they just want more movement on the investigation.

“We’re just wanting answers, we just want answers for my daughter. She was 13 years old and we’ll never have her back. Something’s got to be done,” said Matthew Hudson, Laney’s dad.

And Laney’s mom says she is grateful for the community support she’s received so far.

“It’s surprising. I didn’t think so many people would stand beside me. And to think, I go to Laney’s spot every day and so many people come by honking and strangers come up to me and put stuff on her spot. It’s very heartwarming for sure,” explained Opal Sloan, Laney’s mom.

The investigation is being conducted by the West Virginia State Police. 

Several weeks ago, investigators downloaded the black box data from the deputy’s car that hit Laney.

Putnam County Prosecutor Mark Sorsaia has been assigned to look into “possible criminal charges” on the case. 

Meanwhile, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether or not Racer violated any internal policies of the Cabell County Sheriff’s Office by driving the cruiser with a passenger while off duty.