CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — A man was arrested Thursday for slapping and strangling a person, and the next day shooting the floor near the person, according to a criminal complaint.

A criminal complaint for 42-year-old Jarrod Lemley, of Huntington, said Lemley and the victim began arguing on Wednesday. Lemley then smacked the victim in the thigh and started to become more aggressive.

The complaint said the victim tried the leave when Lemley grabbed them and held them down. Lemley then punched the victim in the left eye and then started to strangle them while covering their nose and mouth. The victim had a broken collar bone, broken toes and bruising.

The next day, the complaint said another fight broke out and Lemley had firearms, which included an AR-style rifle.

Lemley then shot into the floor near the victim’s feet, according to the complaint. It said Lemley hid the rifle but still had a handgun in his waistband.

While being arrested, it said Lemley admitted to firing the round that went into the floor.

Lemley’s complaint said law enforcement searched the basement under where the round was fired and found “a large number” of what they believed were marijuana plants.

Lemley is being charged with strangulation, wanton endangerment involving a firearm and delivery/manufacturing of a controlled substance. Lemley is in the Western Regional Jail on a $40,500 surety/cash bond.