HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Prayers continue for the lives lost, those still missing, and the men and women fighting in the Israel-Hamas war.

In Huntington, people from all walks of life and religious beliefs are gathering in solidarity for a special “We Stand with Israel” Shabbat at the B’Nai Sholom Synagogue Friday night.

It’s been seven days since the Hamas Militant Movement launched an incursion on the State of Israel and so far, the war has claimed around 2,800 lives.

The White House on Thursday said at least 27 of those are American citizens. 14 others are still unaccounted for.

During this continuously heartbreaking situation, Friday’s Shabbat will be focusing on unity and prayer, no matter your religious beliefs or denomination.

Along with their regular services, the congregation is inviting anyone from the community to join in prayer for the victims, the safe return of those missing, and the men and women fighting to protect Israel.

The services will start at 6 p.m., bringing the communities together to bring lasting peace and an end to the senseless violence.