CHARLESTON, W. Va. (WOWK) — In July 2018, a 92-year old veteran of the U.S. Navy who served in World War Two, died at the V-A. He was given an unnecessary insulin shot, and his blood sugar plummeted, causing a fatal heart attack. The victim’s family does not wish to be publicly identified at this time, but we know he was being treated on floor 3-A where all the other suspicious deaths occurred.

“This is exactly the pattern. You have someone who is not on their death bed, who appears to be getting better. Then all of a sudden having a medically unexplained severe hypoglycemic event that ends up causing their death,” said Tony O’Dell, an attorney for VA victims.

We’ve now confirmed 10 suspicious deaths, five of the victims are publicly identified and three have been ruled homicides. Attorney O’Dell is also taking issue with recent statements made to our Clarksburg newsroom, by a VA official who says the ex-employee who is a “person of interest” in this case, was dealt with quickly.

“That employee was immediately removed from care. And it was turned over to the Justice authorities and we’re anxious for justice to be served. We delivered the accountability that we should have,” said Dr. Richard Stone, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on November 1, 2019

“This VA made a lot of mistakes and if they want to correct them, they need to be honest with the public. Talk about those mistakes, and talk about what they’ve done to correct them,” said Tony O’Dell, an attorney for nine of the VA families.

The VA says it is now keeping insulin in a secured place. That’s instead of it leaving it out on open medical carts where it could be improperly accessed, which is suspected in these deaths.

It is widely anticipated that criminal charges will be filed in this case. The big question is, when?

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