CLAY COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – High schoolers across the region are getting ready to graduate, but one local senior and her family are standing out this year for having accomplished an incredible feat.

Alexis Gilliland, a senior at Clay County High School, will soon be following in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps in graduating top of her class. This achievement will make her a third-generation valedictorian.

“It’s something that I have been striving for since I was little,” Alexis Gilliland said. “I’m a high achiever, and I was just so happy to find out that all of my hard work has paid off.”

Alexis Gilliland’s grandmother – Janet Osborne – graduated at the top of her class in 1960, and her mother – Melody Obsorne-Hubbard – graduated at the top of her class in 1994. After graduating college, both of them went back to Clay County High School to teach.

When they both found out that Alexis Gilliland would be graduating top of her class, they were ecstatic. Not only because of her high GPA but also because she’s greatly involved in the community.

Throughout high school, they said she played volleyball and basketball and was a founding member of the Clay County Watershed Group, an environmental organization.

“I’m just so happy,” Melody Obsorne-Hubbard said. “She really just set this goal for herself. It was no pressure and she really worked out it every day it’s harder than it used to be to have the high GPA and to be involved in all the things. It’s harder than it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago.”

“It takes a supporting family, and it takes working with other people, having a great support group of friends,” Alexis Gilliland said. “I just have the best friends the best family just a great support group.”

In the fall, Alexis Gilliland said she will be attending West Virginia University to study environmental soil and water sciences.

“I want her to go on and be the best that she can,” Janet Osborne said. “I think there’s more opportunities for our graduating class this year. They can be anything they want to be.”

Clay County High School graduation will be Thursday, May 25.