CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Drivers for Coca-Cola previously on strike have their health insurance back after the company sent them a letter that said it was turned off.

Coca-Cola Consolidated drivers went on strike Tuesday morning over what the union, Teamsters Local 175, said were “unresolved grievances,” which included an agreement Coca-Cola entered with Sheetz convenience stores that they did not allegedly discuss with the union. Union representatives alleged the agreement would lead to Coca-Cola eliminating union employees’ work by having product delivered from out-of-state directly to Sheetz’s warehouses.

The company then sent them a letter saying their health insurance had been turned off.

The drivers went back to work Thursday, but Ken Hall, President of Teamsters Local 175, told 13 News Friday that members are ready to go back on strike if a better deal cannot be reached.

Hall said no contract had been reached.