CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Corridor G, or Highway 119 carries thousands of cars traveling at high speeds every day.

Its intersection at Brounland Road in Alum Creek has been especially dangerous because it’s difficult to cross and sits at the bottom of two steep hills.

“On any given day, 80, 85 miles per hour is nothing for people to travel on this four lane,” said Eddie Belcher, a Brounland Road resident.

Since 2013, there have been 36 serious accidents, and crosses dot the locations where four people were killed in recent years. But two years ago, thousands of angry residents signed a petition drive and this week, the traffic lights were finally installed.

“And I was proud of the residents out from Brounland Road, that actually stepped up, signed the petition, made a lot of noise, contacted the media. And I’m glad they contacted me in May of 2018,” said Commissioner Ben Salango of Kanawha County.

“It took folks like yourself, that came out and did a story to make people aware. The community and people that travel 119 was well aware of the issue,” Belcher said.

Brounland Road has a lot of homes, a church, and even an elementary school. Delegate Andrew Robinson was the one who delivered the petitions to Gov, Justice.

“They needed this done because it just isn’t safe for an elementary school and other people to travel. And luckily we had people that were boisterous in the community to reach put to myself and others,” said Del. Andrew Robinson, D-Kanawha.

New signs are up warning drivers of the new traffic signals.

“It is hoped that by making this state highway safer, roadside memorials, will become a thing of the past,” said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.