GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Many disasters can sometimes happen at random, do you know where to go if you lose everything?

Local organizations in the community specifically help with providing residents with resources and information to replace things they might have lost.

Angela Akers, Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross detailed what to do if you’re in an unfortunate situation.

“Just immediate assistance to help them get through that 24 to 48 hours to get them out of that initial shock. So that they can start recovery. So they don’t have to worry about, ‘Where am I going tonight, I don’t know where I’m going.’ They have that assistance and they can get a hotel, change of clothes, whatever they need,” Akers said.

In addition to financial assistance, they also focus on the mental health of those affected.

“We also offer disaster mental health to help talk them through, just listen to them and let us by that hearing and that shoulder to lean on during the times they need to talk to someone about what they just experienced. We also offer disaster spiritual care as well,” Akers said.

Other resources include contacting your local shelter or union mission.