CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — With several big companies planning to set up shop in West Virginia, the state has a critical shortage of workers but some have ideas on how to fix that.

In West Virginia Governor Justice’s State of the State address, he proposed a $5,000 recruitment bonus for any veteran that moves to the Mountain State. Now, State Senator Ryan Weld, (R) Brooke – Majority Whip and himself a military veteran, has another idea. Any veteran who has developed a skilled trade in the military, could automatically be licensed in that trade in the State of West Virginia.

The idea is to build a workforce for companies that are coming, including Nucor Steel to Mason County and Form Energy to Weirton.

“So if they’ve been an electrician for four years, 20 years in the military, they can come here and use that experience to make it much easier for them to get a license, much easier to get to work, and get a job here in this state.” said Weld.

As a bonus, if the veteran has a spouse with a skilled trade, such as electrician or carpentry, they could also get their license. The whole idea is to get people here by cutting the red tape.

The bill to license military veterans in their trade has passed the State Senate and is now in the House of Delegates for consideration.