EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS show police, secret service arresting man accused of threatening President

West Virginia


Clay Jaeger, who said he witnessed Joshua Wills’ arrest Tuesday said, “You bring a knife to a gunfight?  That’s pretty stupid.”

Jaeger said it all started when he was asleep in his truck and heard some commotion.

He said, “I heard ‘drop the knife’ and I was like ‘What the heck?’ Secret service had their guns drawn.  Cops had their guns drawn. Then there was the guy with the samurai sword.”

Investigators said Jaeger is referring to Joshua Wills, 29, of Washington State. 

Officers with the St. Albans Police Department were called out Tuesday to assist Secret Service Agents, who had been in contact with Wills for some time leading up to his arrest.  Authorities haven’t gotten into much detail, but they do say Wills was making threatening statements towards President Trump.

Jaeger said it wasn’t the kind of situation that you see everyday.

“He was demonstrating how good he was with the sword by chopping up his firewood and telling them about how many competitions he’s won in black belt things,” Jaeger said.

Officers added that Wills was quickly becoming very emotional and agitated.

“At first I thought he was tweaking on meth or something,” Jaeger said.  “He kept pacing back and forth talking about his second amendment rights and right to bare arms.  It’s like, that’s not an arm, dude.  That’s a sword.”

Officers said they told Wills to put his sword down several times before he pointed it at them.  That’s when, they tell us, they took him down.  “We heard to shots from a shotgun, a beanbag thing.  Dude went down.  They got him.”

Investigators tell us they used several less-than-lethal rounds and after a brief struggle, they were able to get him into custody. 

Wills is facing a number of charges, including brandishing a weapon, disorderly conduct, obstructing and possession of meth.  For now, he’s in South Central Regional Jail.


A man accused of making threatening statements towards President Donald Trump is now in police custody. 

Police in St. Albans, WV say they were called to help the Secret Service with the suspect, Joshua Wills on Tuesday.  Police tell us Secret Service agents had been in contact with Wills before finding him at Roadside Park. 

Investigators say as agents began talking with Wills at the park he was emotional and agitated. 

Police tell us he had two weapons, a sword in a case over his shoulders and a knife at his side.  Police say he warned them he would defend himself, after officers told him to put down the sword numerous times police tell us he pulled out the sword and pointed it at officers.  That’s when they used less lethal munitions, hitting Wills in the abdomen, and after a brief struggle they took him into custody. 

Wills faces a host of charges including brandishing a weapon, disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and possession of meth.  He was arraigned in Kanawha County Magistrate Court and is being held on a $25,000 cash bond.

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