MABSCOTT, WV (WVNS) — Larry Webb’s Mabscott home is the focus of an FBI search for two missing persons who have been missing for more than 20 years – Susan Carter and her daughter, Natasha Carter, known to family as “Alex.”

The two were last seen in Beckley on August 8, 2000. Susan Carter was 41-years-old at the time of their disappearance, and Alex was 10-years-old. According to information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Susan and Alex’s father were in a heated custody battle. Susan and Alex were living in Webbs’ house when they disappeared.

“We were married. I think,” said Webb, who is now in his 80’s, on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Webb’s caretaker, Terry Lilly, told Nexstar’s WVNS that Webb’s memory is failing now, because of dementia. Webb said he remembers being romantically involved with Susan when she and Alex went missing but can’t remember the day that they disappeared.

“I can’t remember,” he said. “But I loved that little girl with all my heart. And I loved Susan with all my heart.”

Webb said he thinks he was away on a trip when the mother and daughter disappeared. He said he believes he can remember calling the police when the two were missing, and, later, taking a polygraph test and meeting with police in Charleston and Beckley.

For the past 23 years, the two have remained on the FBI’s “Missing Persons” list. In 2021, FBI agents announced a lead in the investigation.

Lilly said, around that time, agents also came to Webb’s Mabscott house with a search warrant and removed a section of wall in a bedroom.

“Months later, they showed up, after DNA testing, and said the blood on the bullet had belonged to the girl, and the blood had went down to the base of the wall ,and they said DNA showed it belonged to the girl.”

Webb’s caretaker, Terry Lilly

FBI nor West Virginia State Police officials have confirmed Lilly’s report, nor have they have offered details about the investigation. According to Lilly, FBI agents returned to the house and executed another search warrant on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Lilly said police took away tile in the basement floor.

Webb insists he did not harm Susan and Alex and that he doesn’t know what happened to them.

“I’ve looked for them, over the years, I even went to Cleveland and looked for them,” said Webb. “I don’t know. I just know I loved her with all my heart, and I loved that little girl, too.”