CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — It is probably the most controversial item on the November ballot, and the debate is getting heated.

Amendment 2 would give permission to the West Virginia State Legislature to repeal the property tax on vehicles and also eliminate the tax on business equipment and inventories.

Governor Jim Justice, who opposes Amendment 2, has his own plan to rebate car tax people have paid, but many drivers say they support Amendment 2, so the tax would be gone for good.

“I think they should just discontinue it. You pay it once to register your car and that should be it. You shouldn’t have to keep paying the tax on something you already paid for,” said Dakota Reed, a West Virginia car owner.

The governor’s car tax rebate plan would require a vote of the legislature. And he says he’ll call lawmakers into special session, if he gets an indication they would have enough votes to pass the car tax rebate.

“Not only will you have your money back, but going back to January of ’22, from that year right now, we’ll rebate you that money back instantaneously. I’d do it tomorrow,” said Justice.

The vote on Amendment 2 is on the Nov 8 ballot but early voting begins Wednesday of this week.