A story that encapsulates the rough 18-month journey of four men on the road to sobriety.

All battling an opioid addiction, two men from West Virginia, one from Virginia, and one from Florida travel to Jacob’s Ladder at Brookside Farm in Aurora County, West Virginia to get clean. After six months of rehab, the film then focuses on the stressors of life each man experiences while finding their feet.

Brought to life by Oscar-nominated West Virginian filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon, “Recovery Boys” is a follow-up to her first documentary “Heroin(e)” that focuses on three Huntington, WV women and their fight to end the Opioid crisis.

McMillion-Sheldon sat down for an interview via Skype with 13 News to give a deeper insight to her film.

“To see the many versions of them and we’re all complex people and it’s not all sad, it’s not all bad, and I think people should themselves see this film with an open heart and open mind and allow themselves to laugh at the funny moments and be there with the guys. I think most of the people who have seen the film up until this point see the guys as someone they know,” said McMillion Sheldon.

As a West Virginian herself, McMillion Sheldon is highly passionate on showcasing West Virginia’s resilience and hope.

“I think it’s important for us to talk about these issues in a way that has resilience built in because if there’s anything West Virginians are, it’s resilient and the women of “Heroin(e)” had that resilience. These men going through recovery have that resilience and so that’s why it’s important for me to tell these stories in West Virginia because this state has an incredible opportunity to show the nation how to heal,” said McMillion Sheldon.

You can stream “Recovery Boys” now on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80177782

There will be free showings in Morgantown on July 6th at the Metropolitan Theater and one on August 15th at the University of Charleston. Full trailer is attached below.