MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — David and Howard Bellamy, more commonly known as The Bellamy Brothers, were in Morgantown on Wednesday to promote their new line of cannabis products in partnership with medical marijuana company Trulieve.

Howard Bellamy (left) and his brother David (right) in front of the Sabraton Plaza Trulieve. (WBOY image)

The line, named Old Hippie Stash after their song “Old Hippie“, is available at W.Va. Trulieve locations under the name O.H.S. The two strains available are called “Big Love” and “Afterglow”.

“We’re excited to be here. We were trying to figure out when we were here last,” Howard Bellamy said in an interview. “I think we were here in the mid or early 80s, we did a show on the river here way back.”

The pair remarked that Morgantown has changed quite a bit in those 40 years between visits, but that the whole world has changed since then as well.

The brothers’ strain was originally released in Florida during the COVID lockdown in 2020 and saw enough success during that time to bring it to more locations.

“Having strains of medical marijuana has been something we wanted to do for a long time; it was just a matter of finding the right situation,” David Bellamy said. “I think it was a little experimental for everybody, for us and for Trulieve.”

Old Hippie Stash (WBOY image)

One thing David found fascinating at the beginning of the product launch was that a lot of the users of their strain were aged 55 and up, saying that it was likely due to the fact that they would be the demographic who would need it the most for helping with things like pain relief.

You may also be surprised to learn that The Bellamy Brothers are not the first country stars to create their own line of marijuana products. Jimmy Buffet launched his line of medical marijuana in 2019 called “Coral Reefer”, and Willie Nelson founded his own marijuana company called “Willie’s Reserve” in 2015.

The brothers said they are glad to be working with a medical marijuana company like Trulieve so they can provide alternatives to opioids, and treatment options for individuals they know with Parkinson’s disease or PTSD.

“In our hometown this week, we had a friend of ours’ young son OD on fentanyl. And you know, it’s an epidemic out there. The opioids are everywhere,” Howard said.

Howard went on to say they feel they are disproving certain stigmas around marijuana usage, like how marijuana users are lazy.

“We’ve been doing this for 46 years now. We’ve toured 72 countries, we’re still at it, we’re still doing 150 shows a year.”

“And we shoot a reality show,” his brother David added, referring to their show Honky Tonk Ranch.

“So I actually think in our case, it’s helped us endure all this,” continued Howard. “We’re not spring chickens anymore, obviously.”

Old Hippie Stash can be found at the University Town Center and Sabraton Plaza Trulieve locations to those with a medical marijuana card.