CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Governor Jim Justice has called for Delegate Joe Jeffries to step down in a recent statement. This statement comes after a TikTok from Jeffries went viral earlier this week.

“The pattern of behavior by Delegate Joe Jeffries is sad and it’s childish. Not only did he yell graphic comments about me to a group of senators during the recent Legislative Session, but now we find that his not-so-secret TikTok is full of disgustingly vulgar videos, which are especially insulting to women. This is the behavior of an immature child, not a 39-year-old father and elected official. He owes our entire state an apology for not living up to what we all deserve and expect from our elected officials…”

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R)

Justice continued by saying Joe Jeffries “…is an embarrassment to our entire state. His actions are casting another shadow of negativity on West Virginia, which is something we certainly don’t need. Our state is breaking surplus records, attracting new businesses, and moving forward in absolute leaps and bounds because people are waking up to the fact that we are the diamond in the rough that everyone missed. We don’t need this kind of nonsense to distract us from achieving more success.”

The explicit clip was posted to Del. Joe Jeffries, (R-Putnam Co.) TikTok account (@wv_viper) earlier this week. The video, which is too graphic to describe, had colleagues and the public weighing in. Del. Mike Pushkin, (D-Kanawha Co.), House Speaker Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay), the Putnam County Republican Executive Committee, and the West Virginia Republican Party all condemned Jeffries’ behavior on Friday.