PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) –There are several factors that can make motorcycle riding extremely dangerous, including what’s on the road.

One thing is for certain – two things that don’t mix are motorcycles and grass clippings.

If you’re out mowing grass or completing yard work, make sure the debris doesn’t fall into the road. Leaving leaves or grass out can lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists.

COO of Princeton Rescue Squad Mark Brooks said it can lead to a dangerous outcome.

“If you mow your grass, all the grass clippings on the road, then there’s rain, it becomes extremely slick. Even not in the rain, grass clippings can be slick from motorcycles, they lose traction when the tire loses the surface of the rough road and if it hits leaves or hits grass clippings then it becomes extremely slick and they can ultimately crash,” Brooks said.

After you finish mowing, place the clippings in a trash bag or recycle them back onto your lawn.