CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A relatively new company to West Virginia is already announcing more expansion plans, and its growth may not be over yet.

It was just over one year ago that GreenPower Motors announced it was opening a production plant in South Charleston. The company makes battery-powered school busses and eventually hopes to employee 200 people.

This week the company will expand its pilot school bus program to Calhoun, Roane, Putnam and Upshur counties. Not only that, the company will soon relocate its corporate human resources, or HR operations, to West Virginia.

“The fastest growing force, the workforce of the GreenPower economy, is here in West Virginia. We’re hiring. We’ll have 65 people before we start producing the ‘Nano-Beast,’ which will start before October. And then we’ll be on track for 200,” said Brendan Riley, President GreenPower Motor Company.

The “Nano-Beast” is the company’s largest bus. Just last week, GreenPower announced that the State of West Virginia was spending $15 million to produce another 41 electric school buses. GreenPower is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with operations in California. It’s anticipated its West Virginia operations will continue to grow.

“West Virginia is known as coal-country, so it’s a perfect area for looking for jobs that want to transition from coal or energy, into new energy jobs, which Greenpower is a new energy job,” said GreenPower President Riley.

Company leaders say they embrace both traditional and green energy. The buses rely on coal-fired electric energy to charge up, and then clean, renewable battery power to pick up the school kids.