HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Nationwide supply chain shortages are causing many retailers to play catch-up. And after the Hallmark Corporate office pushed back one of the biggest events for its stores, due to the shortage, a locally-owned Hallmark is making adjustments right before the holiday season.

“[With the Ornament Debut], that was out of our control. That was something we just had to roll with,” says Andrea Underwood, the Co-Owner of one of the seven locally-owned Hallmarks in the Tri-State area.

Because of the shortage, they had to push back events like Ornament Debut and the Christmas Open House.

“Willow nativities are going to be in short supply. I’ve already ordered my Willow Nativities for 2022 because they said we can’t really predict what we’re getting,” she continued to explain.

Underwood says now the company is working to be proactive to ensure the shortage doesn’t affect them in any way they can help.

Right now, she says they’re working with local companies to meet some of the demand, and they’re allowing customers to prepay for items currently in transit to the store.

She also says she encourages customers to plan ahead with their holiday shopping and, “if you have a very specific gift for that mother-in-law or that sister, and you know they have to have it to be happy, grab it,” because it may not be there for long.