CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Can you make it through the day without a cup of coffee? A new study found that West Virginians can only go about a week without having a single cup of coffee before they need their next caffeine fix. Yes, this article was even written with a cup of coffee on hand.

After a recent study where researchers at Craft Coffee Spot found that 66% of Americans drink at least one coffee each day, they decided to dig further into the data to learn how long the people of each state can go with out coffee and without an alcoholic beverage.

Researchers say they surveyed a sample of 4,000 people over the age of 18 across the United States to find their results. The researchers say they asked respondents to place their answer between 1-30 days, meaning residents of the states where the average is on the higher end of that scale may actually be able to go without their coffee or alcohol for even longer.

Based on the study’s data, Craft Coffee Spot estimates West Virginians who drink coffee can only go an average of seven days before they need to have another cup. Also in that data, they found the average West Virginian who drinks alcohol can go at least 25 days between alcoholic beverages.

This means that on average, West Virginians who drink both coffee and alcoholic beverages can only go about 16 days without one or the other, Craft Coffee Spot says.

Nationally, researchers say the average American can go 11 days without having a cup of coffee. Idahoans can hold out the longest, averaging approximately 20 days before they have another cup of coffee. Nevada came in second place at 19 days, with Wisconsin following at 17 days.

New Hampshire, Alaska and Hawaii residents tied for the strongest coffee addiction, with those surveyed from those states saying they can only go two days without a cup of coffee.

While Alaska and New Hampshire residents may love their daily cup of coffee, they are actually tied with Maine for the longest amount of days they can go without alcohol at 29 days, or possibly longer. For that part of the study, Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana are all tied for the shortest time frame between alcoholic beverages at 11 days.

Researchers say they did not find any state where the residents said they could go longer without coffee than they could without alcohol. They also say they found that Americans as a whole are willing to pay up to $5.57 for a cup of coffee, which is about 14% higher than the what the NPD Group calculates is the national average cost for a cup of coffee, $4.90.

To avoid these prices, some choose to brew their own coffee at home. Of those surveyed across the country, 41% said they use a pod coffee machine, 39% said they use a drip coffee maker, 13% said they use an espresso machine and 7% said they make pour over coffee.