CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Do you think you’re a good liar? A new study found that West Virginians aren’t afraid to admit to their lying habits.

Researchers with say they surveyed 6,100 people across the United States to learn more about how dishonest Americans are willing to admit they can be.

The study found that, based on the survey, West Virginia had the third-highest percentage of residents who admit they lie regularly at about 30.3%. The survey results also found that an average of 15.15% of West Virginians say that they rarely lie, if that is to be believed.

What are West Virginians most likely to lie about? According to the study, West Virginians admit that the most common lie they tell is fibbing to their friends about their education, with 94% of those surveyed in West Virginia saying they have. In fact, in 26 states, respondents said lying about their education was the most common lie they tell. Lying about education also tied as the most common told in six other states.

On a national scale however, researchers say the top five lies told include:

  1. lying on a resume, with 85% saying they have;
  2. telling someone their food was good when it wasn’t, with 61% saying they have;
  3. telling someone they “looked good” when they actually didn’t think so, with 47% saying they have
  4. Saying they didn’t edit a selfie when they did, with 44% saying they have;
  5. Telling someone you’ve left when you haven’t yet, with 38% saying they have.
Chart showing what people lie about and who they lie to (Credit:

The study found 61% of West Virginians also admitted to lying about whether or not they love someone. Speaking of which, researchers found that West Virginia takes the top spot for lying on a dating profile, with 40% of West Virginians surveyed said they have lied on a dating profile.

Two states rank higher on the list than West Virginia. Maine came in at the second-place slot, with 16% of residents who rarely lie and 36.4% saying they lie regularly. The top spot on the list belongs to Vermont. While only 9.09% of Vermont residents said they occasionally tell a lie, 36.4% said they lie regularly.

On the opposite end of the scale, researchers say North Dakota came in as the most truthful state as no one from the state said they regularly lie. However, when North Dakota residents do tell a lie, it is most likely to their boss or about their education.

The study also broke down some national statistics through their survey. According to researchers, approximately 96% of Americans admitted that they do tell at least the occasional white lie, if not more. Of those surveyed, three out of four, or roughly 76%, said they even believe they are a good liar.

Researchers say they also found that women are more likely to lie than men. Of the women questioned in the survey, about 26% said they regularly tell a lie, while just 19% of men admitted to regularly lying.