HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office just enacted a new way to slow any voter fraud at the polls through the “see something… text something” system.

This is now in addition to the fraud alert call system.

Now residents can simply take a picture of any fraudulent activity happening at the polls, text WV to 45995 and fill out the incoming text link.

Some examples of those situations include campaigning within 100 feet of the polls, voter intimidation, or buying a vote.

This text will then notify the 17 poll investigators across the state. 

Most West Virginians say they would be more willing to use this system than calling.

“It would be less personable and that way you’re just dealing with it. And we live in a world today where texting is just one of the biggest things,” said resident Michael Miller.

Another resident said she thinks “it would be more convenient” as “we live in a world where no one wants to make phone calls anymore.”  

Officials with the WV Secretary of State, call this new system “a win-win” for everyone.

“This enables every voter to be an extension of this investigative team and to have quick access. And with that many people around the state, they can respond quickly if they need to go to polling locations,” explains Mac Warner, the WV Secretary of State.

He also did emphasize that this new system is in addition to the fraudulent calling system so now residents have the option of texting WV to the number 45995 or just simply calling 877-FRAUD-WV.