DUNBAR, WV (WOWK) — It was a scary scene for neighbors on 18th Street in Dunbar when they saw S.W.A.T. officers an an armored vehicle. Now that it’s over they say they’re grateful nobody was killed.

“When S.W.A.T. came I thought, I don’t know if we should all be standing out here, and then the Dunbar chief came over. By that time a lot of people were up there and he said I don’t care what y’all do, but that guy has weapons and those windows are open right to where y’all are, so we moved farther,” said Glenna Lawling, the victim’s neighbor.

Police say Saturday’s incident actually started the day before when cops received a call regarding domestic abuse. The male suspect was gone by the time officers arrived, but Saturday morning his car was spotted near the victim’s home. At some point, police say the suspect broke into the residence and the victim ran out through the back door. When police told him to come out they say he refused.

“Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department responded with their S.W.A.T. team. We basically had a gentleman that was refusing to come out, and you can never have enough man power on stand-by for safety of everything. You have the unknown of a man barricaded in a house with a firearm. You don’t know what mindset they’re in, what’s going on,” said Brian Oxley, Chief of Dunbar Police Department.

Lawling was relived when the suspect was taken into custody and thankful no shots were fired.

“Okay, it’s like if he shot, the house right across the street is right behind me, and it could just go between that guy’s house and right into my garage and my granddaughter’s in the back room sleeping,” said Lawling.

The suspect had a previous domestic violence arrest and was out on bond. His name and mugshot have not yet been released.