CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — What’s the buzz about this sweet hobby in the Mountain State?

According to a study by Lawn Love, West Virginia is ranked 33 on the list of 2023’s Best States for Beekeeping.

West Virginia is in the top 10 of states with the most support for beekeepers, sitting at number 10. States in the top 10 include: California, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Ohio, Vermont, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia, according to the study.

The study said the Mountain State is also one of the states with the most earning potential, sitting at number 13.

Lower on the list, West Virginia is 38th for output and 33rd for distribution, according to the study.

The study said they used the output of honey in each state, the earning potential, competition and support for beekeepers to create the ranking.

Even though the study put West Virginia at 33, there is still a thriving bee-loving community here in the Mountain State. You can see Good Day at 4’s Merrily McAuliffe talk to Larry Morris with the West Virginia Beekeeper’s Association at the top of this article!