CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is a familiar face in the Mountain State. The West Virginia native won America’s Got Talent in 2011, but now he has a new mission to get people educated in his own backyard.

Murphy is working with the West Virginia Department of Education for their new campaign “It’s Never too Late to Graduate.”

“It’s a greater accomplishment, even better than winning America’s Got Talent and having those billboards. Because now I’m a representative of my state as far as education, perseverance, dedication, and achieving your goals in life,” said Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. America’s Got Talent winner.

Landau received his high school diploma at the age of 47 after dropping out as a teen. He hoped to now be an inspiration that it is really never too late.

“It’s very important, not just nowadays but always. It’s something that we all need to try and achieve. Even if you dropped out of high school you should go back and try and get it. That’s something I had to learn the hard way, but I’m glad I learned it,” said Murphy.

The Department of Education found that 60% of working-aged West Virginians will need a certificate to meet future workforce demands. They also found that those with a high school diploma earn an average of $8,000 more per year than those without.

WVAdultEd provides the Mountain State with free classes and services to those who want to learn, no matter the age.