RAVENSWOOD, WV (WOWK) – 19-year-old Jaden Sayre, of Ravenswood, is out of the hospital after being hit and critically injured while riding his motorcycle.

Sayre was severely injured in a hit-and-run along Route 68 just a couple miles away from Ravenswood High School on June 2. In the accident, Sayre broke his legs, arms, and pelvis, punctured a lung, and lost a kidney.

Sayre spent 25 days in the hospital rehabilitating and was released two weeks ago. He says he’s taking his recovery one day at a time.

“You gotta push through the hard to get through the easy,” Sayre said. “It just gets easier as the days go on.”

Sayre and his mother, Lisa Turley, say they celebrate the little wins every day as he recovers.

Now, Sayre is able to use his fingers on his left hand again. Sayre can play video games, use his phone, and even brush his teeth.

“He can brush his own teeth,” Turley said. “He’s real proud of that.”

Sayre says being in the comfort of his own home only helps his recovery.

“Waking up to these four walls and having some home cooking is wonderful,” Sayre said. “The beginning of the recovery is the hardest part. The highest part. Now that I’ve stepped over it, it’s become easier and a little bit easier and a little bit easier.”

While Sayre says there is a long road ahead of him to recovery, he says he won’t quit until he’s back on his feet, playing football for Hocking College.

“I believe nothing can stop me,” Sayre said. “Maybe I shouldn’t think like that, but you only live once. Might as well make the best out of it.”

Turley has complete faith in her son that he will bounce back better than ever.

“He has inspired a lot of people through this, and I know that. He’ll continue to do that,” Turley said.

Dezirae Coyer, 31, of Vienna, is facing charges of hit-and-run for allegedly hitting Sayre the night of the accident. She is scheduled to appear in Jackson County Magistrate Court on July 27.

Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger said the Wood County Sheriff’s Office caught Coyer around 15 miles away from the scene. Coyer told law enforcement she kept driving because her children told her she had hit a deer, according to a criminal complaint. According to a criminal complaint, the four children in the vehicle were uninjured. Coyer had minor burns from the airbags, the complaint said.