CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — As humans, it’s safe to say that at some point in our lives, we’ve wanted to take all of our problems and put them on someone else. One woman from Jane Lew is letting you do just that and she’s going viral for it.

Chelsea Rohrbrugh, a 32-year-old, Jane Lew native is taking the load of others and putting it on her legs with her popular TikTok series that has gained the attention of her 99,000 followers.

Rohrbrugh started tattooing herself during the pandemic and had the original goal of completely covering herself before the start of 2023. When she shared her process with the internet, the trend started to grow into something much bigger than expected.

It was then that Rohrbugh created a running list of tattoo ideas based on her followers’ comments and suggestions. The tattoo meanings can range anywhere from child abuse, domestic violence, unsolved murder victims and mental health symbolized with designs hand drawn by Rohrbugh herself.

“Sometimes I wake up and I’m like, these are really my legs now, but it makes me feel good because I have been in positions in my life where I feel like I had no one or I couldn’t talk about certain things and these people tell a story and I get to wear that for them,” said Rohrbugh in an interview with Nexstar’s WBOY.

Currently, Rohrbugh has 376 tattoos from her series as well as a number of personal tattoos on the upper half of her body. There is still a bit of room to cover with the backs of her legs still showing skin and Rohrbugh believes she can fit about 150 more tattoos before she’s filled.

You may be asking though, what will come of the project after Rohrbrugh is finished?

“The goal is, I made this list and I had to put a lot of thought into it when I started, so, when I am finished, I want to pass my list down to other creators so they can keep going and have a safe space for their follows and just keep passing it along,” said Rohrbugh.

Rohrbugh said that she’s still open to suggestions and that the best way to reach out to her would be through her social media pages.