CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Nearly a dozen FBI agents and police officers visited the 13 News studio in Charleston, West Virginia Thursday to run an active shooter training session.

The FBI offers these training crash courses to organizations across the U.S. for free. The presentation entails preparedness tactics to protect yourself and those around you when there is an active shooter in the building.

According to data from the FBI, active shooter incidents have been on the rise over a four-year period. They said 50 incidents happened last year alone across 25 states and D.C., which led to 313 deaths.

The Gun Violence Archive said over 20,000 people died from gun violence in 2022, and over 17,000 gun deaths have already been recorded for 2023.

In the training, the FBI emphasized the importance of acting quickly, because every second matters in an active shooter situation.

Tony Rausa led the presentation and said if and when the time comes, it is crucial for everyone to have a plan of attack.

“This is a threat that we live under every single day,” Rausa said. “These numbers are going up every year. Having a plan in place, understanding what that plan is and being ready. That’s invaluable.”

13 News Digital Content Manager Isaac Taylor attended the workshop and said preparedness also means protection, and being able to look after each other.

“These are our friends, this is our family here,” Taylor said, speaking of his coworkers. “We need to know what to do to make sure that everybody is safe and everybody can come to work the next day and everybody can still be here, and make sure the least amount of harm is done.”

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