CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – People in Charleston will soon be able to ride Bird Scooters across town.

Charleston City Council reached an agreement on Monday with Bird, a scooter rental company. As part of the deal, Bird will supply 150 scooters for people in the city to ride.

Councilman Emmitt Pepper sponsored the resolution to bring scooters to Charleston. He says scooters will make Charleston more accessible than ever before.

“It’s gonna be cheaper than an Uber, faster than an Uber, a lot easier,” Pepper said.

According to Pepper, once the scooters are in Charleston, people will be able to rent a scooter on the Bird mobile app, find a scooter close to their location, then pick it up and take it for a ride. People must be at least 18-years-old to rent a scooter.

Pepper adds this resolution comes at a great time as Live on the Levee and the Regatta are fast approaching.

“It helps take some of the parking pressure off for some of the big events at the Convention Center,” Pepper said.