KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – While the road to recovery is just beginning in eastern Kanawha County with flood cleanup efforts, people are still finding it difficult to get home.

It’s a similar scene in Slaughter Creek and Witcher Creek areas with bridges completely washed out and roadways still impassible.

“Probably close to half a mile where I have to walk,” said Brenda Hancock, Witcher Creek resident. “That’s why I’m taking my wagon. Those cleaning supplies were heavy.” 

Hancock is just one of many resident who’s been unable to drive home since monday due to Witcher Creek Road partially collapsing. 

“We have been flooded, but never anything like this,” she said. “To wipe up out everybody’s fences and homes and buildings and the road is impassible.” 

While some are worrying about getting to work, others are struggling to get to school. 

“It’s been rough. They’re trying to build it back up and I don’t know how long it’s going to take and school buses can’t get back up here so kids can’t go to school,” said Alayjah Lawhorn, a relative of a Witcher Creek resident. “We’ve just been parking just right down there where they’re digging up and walking now because that’s as far as we can come up.” 

Lawhorn’s sister lives along Witcher Creek Road, and she’s been staying home from work to help with the cleanup. 

“It’s like a mudfest on the side of the house, but we ripped up all the carpet because it was starting to get nasty and had to throw out all the stuffed animals because they were ruined.” 

Other areas along the road, like private bridges, have also been wiped out. While the DOH was on scene today working on road repairs, it’s up to residents to repair their own bridges.