CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The Chair of the Manna Meal Executive Board Chuck Hamsher and Vice Chair Marc Slotnick both stepped down from their roles on Tuesday.

“Following decisions made by the Manna Meal board of directors in a meeting Tuesday evening I submitted my resignation as President of Manna Meal,” Hamsher tells 13 News. “While I wish Manna Meal nothing but the best in fulfilling their mission, I could not support or represent a direction I did not feel was in the best interests of the organization, the community and, most importantly – the people we serve.”

13 News also reached out to Slotnick; however he declined to comment.

Amy Wolfe, Executive Director of Manna Meal, said, “On behalf of the entire Manna Meal team, we want to thank outgoing Board members, Chuck Hamsher and Mark Slotnick, for their service. Our mission is only achievable through the time and dedication of those in our community who step up and volunteer their time and talents. Eradicating hunger in our community is a big job and Mr. Hamsher and Mr. Slotnick are examples of dedicated volunteers working to make our community a better place for all. We are excited about the new leadership that David Frerecks will bring to this critical work as Manna Meal’s Interim Board Chair.”

Manna Meal paused their brick-and-mortar soup kitchen location out of St. John Episcopal Church following the arrest of a man who is accused of lunging at a woman with a child outside of Sacred Heart Elementary School.

According to a criminal complaint, Shawn Kanode, 38, of Charleston “made a lunging motion” toward a woman who was holding a child. Kanode wouldn’t give his last name until he was under arrest and at the booking office, the criminal complaint said. It is unclear if the man was on his way to Manna Meal or not.

Officials want to open an indoor dining room location sometime this week. Amy Wolfe says the organization’s best-case scenario is to cook their meals at their St. Johns Episcopal Church location, then serve meals from their mobile food truck, then have a space for people to sit down and eat, wash their hands, and use the bathroom.

Manna Meal is considering alternative options from St. Johns for indoor dining, and it is unclear if St. Johns will be reopened.

They have been giving out meals through their mobile food truck since the closure. Amy Wolfe, Executive Director of Manna Meal, said this is not sustainable.

“This is not a long-term solution, but we know we have to find something,” Wolfe said. “I hope to be able to tell you very soon that we have another location.”