CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Residents along Sugar Creek Drive in Charleston now have power after going days without.

Sugar Creek Drive is between Sissonville Drive and I-77.

Strong winds went through the community Saturday knocking down trees and limbs, and cutting power lines. Since then, residents were without power.

Appalachian Power originally projected residents would receive power again Tuesday night, but people there were happy to get the notification that it would turn on Monday afternoon.

“The power used to go out here frequently and then we collectively filed a consumer complaint. It used to go out even when the wind would just blow a little, but it hasn’t done that for a couple of years. My kids didn’t go to school today or anything. Our home phones are down, and we can’t charge cell phones,” explained Tia Gravely, Sugar Creek Drive resident.

Appalachian Power says, because of the area, this is a problem that’s not easily preventable.

“When you have such highly forested areas and you have such high winds, you’re going to have a lot of trees and tree limbs come in contact with not only power lines but pull down power polls and that’s exactly what happened here,” said Karen Wissing, Spokesperson for Appalachian Power.

The company says they had to request outside help from crews as far as Texas and Louisiana to assist with some of the damage in the state, and now they’re just hoping to have service completely restored for customers in all territories by Tuesday night.