CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Charleston City Council voted 21-5 Monday night in opposition to opening an outside investigation into alleged misconduct by Police Chief Tyke Hunt.

According to the resolution, written by Councilwoman Beth Kerns, an investigation needs to be conducted by those not under the command of Hunt to eliminate conflict of interest.

The five council members who voted in support of the resolution say it is still an investigation that needs to be done to maintain the integrity of the police department.

“He sets the standard for our entire city and our police force,” Kerns said. “The morale in our police force is disgusting because they work for somebody who does this type of behavior.”

This comes after an FBI investigation involving a woman named Jennifer Harless, after what she described as a consensual relationship with Hunt. Harless claimed that Hunt used his position as police chief to launch the investigation. City attorney Kevin Baker insists that Hunt’s position did not have any influence.

Pam Burka sponsored the resolution, and she claims the internal investigation already conducted did not match the severity of Hunt’s behavior.

“Actions have consequences,” Burka said. “And if the consequences don’t match the action, or if the consequences aren’t as severe as the action is which in this instance was pretty severe, it just sets a bad precedent.”

Councilman Bruce King says that the internal investigation was enough.

“He can’t investigate himself,” King said. “You want an outside investigation, who’s going to investigate this? Who has jurisdiction over this? To imply that there was something nefarious done or cover-upse, that’s ridiculous. This was all born out of conspiracy theories.”

13 News reached out to Hunt’s office for comment on Monday’s vote. A spokesperson said that Hunt is unavailable for comment at this time.