SISSONVILLE, WV (WOWK) – A local restaurant is set to close its doors, but not without thanking the community and employees for their support over the last 37 years.

According to the business owner, Natalie Edens Fisher, TopSpot Country Cookin’ & Catering will permanently close its doors on Saturday, April 15.

“It is time, but we do appreciate those who have walked through that door who have helped us in this long journey,” Fisher said. “Great memory, great times, it’s been a great run.”

Even though employees and community members are saddened by the decision, they plan to continue showing support until the last day.

“I just enjoy working here. It feels like home,” said Phyllis Haynes, who has worked there for 35 years. “I’m sad about it being closed and it’s going to take some time to get used to because I’ve been here all this time.”

According to Fisher, TopSpot has been serving up food since 1986. It all started as a dream but grew into something so much more.

“My mother was a wonderful person and this is all because of her and my father and employees and customers,” Fisher said. “They’ve all made it happen and she was extremely proud of what she’d done.”

Fisher said her mother, Janet Edens, passed away from cancer in July 2022. After that, she took over the restaurant, but her mother’s death made her realize the importance of spending time with her family.

“This business takes a lot,” she said. “It takes a lot of time and energy and I just need that time with my family.”

Customers like Dean Henson, who has been there since the very beginning, are heartbroken, but they appreciate the time the restaurant has been open.

“My wife worked here when they first started. They had a laundromat and a little sandwich shop,” Henson said. “It’s heartbreaking, but I understand. The kids that have taken over, which are my age now, want to spend time with their grandkids.”

Customers that spoke with 13 News said they are going to miss the food, but most of all, they are going to miss the feeling they got every time they walked in the door.

“Just saying ‘Hi’ to everybody and sitting down and visiting, we’re going to miss that part of it,” said Jim Casdorph. “We come here because good food, good atmosphere, everybody knows each other in the community.”

Over the years, the restaurant has won several awards including two Taste of Charleston People’s Choice Awards. Fisher attributes the success to her parents, but also to their employees and customers who’ve stuck by them over the years.

To pay back all of their support, the restaurant will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Day on April 15. She said the food will be free, but donation jars will be set out to help the restaurant’s employees while they transition into future careers.

The business will go up for auction as a “fully functional restaurant” on May 4. Fisher said most of what’s inside the restaurant will stay in hopes whoever buys it will continue her mother’s dream.