CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Reactions are coming in following a former Charleston police chief and another officer being placed on administrative leave amid an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct.

Now-Lt. Tyke Hunt, who resigned as chief on Aug. 18 citing personal and medical reasons, and Sgt. Richie Basford have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation, according to a spokesperson for the Charleston Police Department.

In August, Councilmember Beth Kerns, who is one of the original five councilmembers who voted for an outside investigation of alleged inappropriate behavior, believes this is the right thing to do.

“Had this been dealt with last year, this would all be behind us,” Councilmember Kerns said. “Instead, it’s just been churning and churning and churning, not only in the public, but on city council and on the police force. It’s not easy to work under those adverse conditions.”

Kerns said she wrote the proposal calling for the outside investigation because of the role Sgt. Basford may have played in the accusations of Hunt. On Aug. 7, the city council voted against opening an outside investigation.

One of two of Hunt’s accusers, former officer Chelsea McCoy, said publicly that Basford advised her to resign from the force after he learned that she had an OnlyFans account. McCoy also filed a complaint with the city alleging that she was pressured into having sex by then-Sgt. Hunt during her application process. She also alleges that she failed her polygraph test to be certified into the police force, but Hunt passed her anyway.

McCoy, who applied to be an officer in 2018, said on a local podcast, “Scoop Squad, Truth Squad,” that she had been worried about passing the polygraph exam due to her past drug use. She told Hunt about her concerns but did not mention the drugs. She said Hunt reassured her that she would pass. McCoy said she lied during the polygraph but was told by Hunt that she passed.

McCoy’s statements were preceded by one from Jennifer Harless, also first talked about on “Scoop Squad,” which prompted an investigation by the West Virginia State Police. She is not a city employee but alleges that she and Hunt had a consensual sexual relationship and that Hunt launched an FBI investigation into her.

According to city attorney Kevin Baker, the FBI did investigate Jennifer Harless after Hunt’s wife complained that she was being harassed by Harless. However, the FBI said they became involved because they take all such complaints seriously, and that Hunt’s position as police chief did not influence the investigation.

Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin declined to comment on the latest news about Hunt and Basford saying she cannot discuss an ongoing investigation.