CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—Kanawha City residents are assessing the aftermath after a large tree fell overnight, damaging cars and houses.

This happened on Virginia Ave. across from the Kanawha City Mall.

City of Charleston crews worked Thursday morning to cut down branches and haul lumber out of residents’ yards.

Nobody was hurt, but two cars were totaled, gutters were pulled down, and siding was dented.

Residents felt lucky to avoid danger, but they say they have complained about the tree for months.

“For the last several months there have been branches in the street,” said Kanawha City resident Michael White. “We called the city and complained about it. A guy even came out and looked at the tree and said it’s alright and that’s the problem.”

White is worried about Thursday’s forecasted rain. With his gutter damaged, he said he’ll have to put up a tarp to protect his home.